Guidelines to Parents

Parents Guidelines

It is true the School can do a lot for the child but it is equally true that it cannot do everything. This child gets the first education at home, where the child's character is formed and developed. The school education indeed promotes the growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the qualities that are in the child.

Henceforth, the maximum co-operation is essential in order to secure all that is best in the education of the child. This will enable to develop an atmoshpere that is conductive towards enabling a to better and more effective education. This diary is an effective medium for parent - teacher contact.

* Parents are requested to look into the school diary daily the lessons and homework assigned for the next day and the remarks made by the Teacher.

* Please see that your ward attends the school regulary in proper school uniform.

* If your ward is absent to school, he / she must give a prior intimation to the concern teacher and must make up for all the work that he / she has missed.

* Please see that your ward carries text / excercise books according to the Time-Table for the day.

* Encourage your ward to take a balance interest in studies co-curricular activities and sports.

* You can also mail in your views and opinions to principal that wil serve as a feedback and we will follow up and accordingly.